Hi, and welcome to this weblog!
The purpose of this is merely a collection of all my tools and work, ready for download.
I had a lot of tools and stuff lying around on my hard disk, that I never released to public, or that has gone out of sight from its hosting sites. Then I realized this could be the best way to also show my programming skills to anybody that cares.

News will be posted every time a new download is added, just like an ordinary weblog.

Thank you, and I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for!

4 Responses to About

  1. Alpobemp says:

    Hi Enrico,
    you should publicize more widely this nice weblog!

    Good darn job you have done!


    • erolfi says:

      Thank You very much Alberto,
      I will follow your suggestion 🙂
      see you on OGI!


  2. Mr. E says:

    Thank you, Enrico, for making this ‘place’ possible.

    Dev takes a lot of work (and I’m not a developer, but working on music, audio, design…) and managing huge information in order, and publishing it is another huge amount of work, again.

    Your work is very useful for the community and, in particular, for people who wants to get inside the ‘classic-concept’ adventure games developement with reliable and professional references. In special, the spanish-talking community must recognize you while is re-enforcing the dev community constantly.

    Thanks again, and congrats for your work.

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