Hi, and welcome to this repository of my past and current work on tools and hacks for vintage games!

The initial purpose of this page was merely to collect all the software that I had lying around on my hard disk, that I never released, or that has gone out of reach from sites that used to host it.

Then, I realized that this could be a good way to show my programming skills to anyone that cares (please read the Contact Form page for details).

News will be posted from time to time.

Thank you, and I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for!

Latest Posts

The Music Studio, updated

The Music Studio is a music composition software for the Apple IIGS that was first released between the end of 1986 and the beginning of 1987. Armed with nothing more than the original program binary, I decided to make an unofficial update of this program, 35 years after its first release! On the dedicated page,…

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TraduSCI 2.4 is out!

Well, it’s been a while since TraduSCI was last updated. SCIaMano, the SCI Message editor that started it all, has been upgraded with the capability of automatic translation, which is done via Google Translate. FotoSCIhop, the SCI Pictures/Views editor, has been completed with the ability to preserve LINK structures, so that the latest SCI games…

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SCUMM Midi Player

This program is derived from SCUMM Explorer and it works like a classic media player to play LucasArts games music. While it plays, you also get images from the game location related to the music that you hear. From the File menu, you can save midi files out of the converted music data. As usual,…

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