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The Music Studio, updated

The Music Studio is a music composition software for the Apple IIGS that was first released between the end of 1986 and the beginning of 1987.

Armed with nothing more than the original program binary, I decided to make an unofficial update of this program, 35 years after its first release!

On the dedicated page, you can find out more about this project. There’s also a ‘Release.Notes‘ document where you can find a very detailed description of all the changes.

Happy new year!

TraduSCI 2.4 is out!

Well, it’s been a while since TraduSCI was last updated.

SCIaMano, the SCI Message editor that started it all, has been upgraded with the capability of automatic translation, which is done via Google Translate.

FotoSCIhop, the SCI Pictures/Views editor, has been completed with the ability to preserve LINK structures, so that the latest SCI games are finally supported.

A few fixes and refinements here and there, along with a Multilanguage installer, and a new release is ready.

Hey, consider that it’s hard to mantain a Win32 software. That’s very old technology… but it seems to be aging very well, nonetheless! I’ve run it under Windows 10 with no problem at all!

I want to dedicate this effort, in its entirety, to Michele Del Bene (aka Micartu), a good friend who passed away. He made a great contribution to the game translation scene and also inspired me to add functionalities to SCIaMano over the years, and to make it more user friendly. Micartu always made his best to support translation projects and also struggled to motivate contributors for help. I hope that this update will be useful in that direction, that is, to bring new SCI games translation projects to life.

So, go ahead to the TraduSCI project page, and download your copy today!