SCUMM Midi Player


This program is derived from SCUMM Explorer and it works like a classic media player to play LucasArts games music. While it plays, you also get images from the game location related to the music that you hear. From the File menu, you can save midi files out of the converted music data.

As usual, you have to feed this tool with the original data files from the games.

Music formats supported are the same of SCUMM Explorer – only Mac music is fully supported for older games. Sorry, no MT-32 emulation yet. Even though the initial idea was more general purpose. Anyway, there’s still time to do that in the future.



SCUMM Midi Player 1.0 for Mac

SCUMM Midi Player 1.0 for Windows

SCUMM Explorer (out of my passion for Monkey Island…)


SCUMM Explorer is a program that I made to display and extract data from Lucasarts games. It can display images, play sound, music, disassemble scripts…

Read it all and download your free copy HERE…

ScummVM 0.2 for MacOS Classic


This is an old version of the popular ScummVM engine. At the time I made this, I was working as a Macintosh porter for this project, and I also fixed a number of bugs that surfaced in the Macintosh version mostly due to its big-endianess.


SCUMM Utils for Mac 1.3.1


A package of tools that I made back in 2002 for the purpose of modifying  SCUMM games. Now I’m releasing them as open source with their sourcecode too.

[MacOS | Sourcecode]