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SCUMM Midi Player

This program is derived from SCUMM Explorer and it works like a classic media player to play LucasArts games music. While it plays, you also get images from the game location related to the music that you hear. From the File menu, you can save midi files out of the converted music data.

As usual, you have to feed this tool with the original data files from the games.

Music formats supported are the same of SCUMM Explorer – only Mac music is fully supported for older games. Sorry, no MT-32 emulation yet. Even though the initial idea was more general purpose. Anyway, there’s still time to do that in the future.



SCUMM Midi Player 1.0 for Mac

SCUMM Midi Player 1.0 for Windows

UniSCI with source code!

After a while from its birth, the UniSCI tool will finally have the page that it deserves! Hidden in the core of the GK2 DVD installer (and also installers for other SCI games, developed by other contributors to the SCI community) this is one of the smartest pieces of C++ code that I ever made in a rush.  Basically, it has to load all data from the 6 CDROMs of the game, join all that stuff, and save it to one big data file. Everything is done automatically — so that the end user feels that it’s just glueing the 6 files together — but there’s a lot of work under the hood.

I still remember when this tool was just sitting in a corner of my mind waiting to be coded. Development took about two weeks of hard work, testing and fixing. There was no documentation about the file formats involved. It was a job about reverse-engineering, disassembling… sometimes even wild guessing!  Luckily, I had no boss limiting my working schedule. At the end, the tool happened to be pretty reliable. Later, it was used even for joining games which it was not conceived for, and I still wonder how that was possible without any debugging involved. Anyway… there are still things to fix, to investigate… as I’ve just been told that the tool is not working for the most recent SCI games.

So I hope that somebody will continue this project from where I left it.  He’ll probably need to learn Italian to understand the comments in the source code.  🙂   Or… he will ask me and I’ll dig into those old days code-adventuring memories.  And I’ll be glad to!

Binary and Source

A.SCI (assembler for SCI1.1/SCI32)

A.SCI, the first Assembler for the Sierra Creative Interpreter versions 1.1 and 2 (SCI32), entirely written in C++.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not a compiler; basically, it’s a disassembler with an assembler to reverse the process, which allows for minor changes to games. Use at your own risk! Double check your game after doing deep modifications to it!


MacSCI Utils

This is a package of utilities that was part of my old Quest for Glory 4 on Mac project. Basically these utilities should allow conversion from the PC version of the game data, to the Mac format, which is different in many things. This project was never brought to completion due to the pointlessness that it gained when DosBox came out, allowing for a perfect emulation of DOS games. I’m releasing now all the stuff, sourcecode included, just as a curiosity.