Monkey Island 2 v.1.5.1 update

Back to 2002, again. That’s the SCUMM engine from Fate of Atlantis 1.5 modified to work with Monkey Island 2. It fixes some minor music bugs from version 1.0 and it’s recommended for Power Macintosh. It also has major improvements in the interpreter engine and a better sound handling.
Usage –  Launch the “Monkey Island 2 Updater” program and select your copy of the LeChuck’s Revenge application. Both 1.0 and 1.2 versions are supported, but for the patch to work you will need to copy your Monkey 2 folder on an unlocked disk (such as your hard disk). Once succesfully applied, double click on the LeChuck’s Revenge v.1.5.1 icon to start game. If you get a “Invalid Saved Game (23,22)” error when trying to load a saved game, this is an indication that you will need to launch the game from the new LeChuck’s Revenge v1.5.1 icon.


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